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Your Reliable Wholesale Jacket Manufacturer

JUAJACKETS is China Wholesale jacket manufacturer

JUAJACKETS is your trusted wholesale jacket manufacturer & supplier in China, is established in 2012,

it has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing jackets, the production capacity is 100,000 pieces per month, it has a great reputation for jackets clothing supplying and manufacturing

JUAJACKETS concentrates on providing distinctive styling and high-quality jacket clothing to give a unique experience to customers, rather than just being a simple jacket stitching maker.

This is a better way for private labels who are finding something new in their jacket clothing line, which is also the need of their followers.

With a great manufacturing arrangement, we can handle a low MOQ of 300pcs / style, even 200pcs/style in some cases.

So you can try the new ideas on jacket projects with JUAJACKETS

Jacket Manufacturer for Wholesale

Jacket Fabric Sourcing from Wholesale Jacket Supplier

Our factory is nearby the fabric market of Zhongda in Guangzhou, which is the largest clothing fabric market in China, 

Every day you can discover new types of fabrics. this is a great place for people in the clothing industry.

As a professional wholesale jacket manufacturer, We have special fabric developers who will go to the market regularly to source the fabrics needed.

Of course, we regularly recommend new fabric types to our customers and prepare for the collection of the next season’s development.

Wholesale Jackets Manufacturing

Jacket Clothing Manufacturing

as a premier wholesale jacket exporter in China, JUAJACKETS always manufactures jacket bulk in accordance with confirmed samples and customer’s comments.

We have more than ten years of experience of skilled workers to sew this jacket production,

coupled with perfect and efficient sewing equipment so that we can well control the production schedule.

We continuously provide professional training for sewing workers to adapt to the development of the modern jacket clothing industry.

We will also carry out regular repair and maintenance for our sewing equipment to keep it in good operation.

Wholesale Jackets Producer

Checking&Packing by Wholesale Jacket Supplier

After receiving the finished product from the sewing workshop, the packing workshop begins to iron the jacket and then begin to cut the thread ends and checking for jacket clothing products.

Before the jacket product enters the packaging bag, Our QC will do a final inspection for this jacket clothing bulk in accordance with AQL standards to ensure the quality of the jacket clothing bulk.

Only to get the approval of QC, the packing workers can pack the jacket clothing products and put them into the cartons according to the packing guidance document of customers.

Bulk Jackets for Wholesaler

Shipped by Wholesale Jacket Manufacturer

The packing workshop will immediately report the specific packing data(such as styles/quantity/cartons) to the production merchandiser after packing finished,

and the production merchandiser will make the packing list according to these data and send it to the customer for approval.

at the same time, the packing workshop will be informed to hand over these jacket bulk goods to its own warehouse for storage and waiting for delivery.

wholesale jacket supplier for private label for private label

Contact JUAJACKETS for Quotation

Contact JUAJACKETS for refreshing fashion jackets for your clothing line.

Professional Wholesale Jacket Manufacturer&Supplier

Custom Jackets / Wholesale jackets / jackets manufacturing

for your clothing brand

Jacket Fabric sourcing

we can source any kinds of jackets fabric to match your private label jacket products

pattern drawing

we have some skilled pattern masters to draw the pattern for sampling and production of private label jackets

Private Label

according to the customer's designs, we will make customized main labels and tags for jackets production

jackets production

we always arrange the production meeting before production, make sure everything in the schedule

Quality control

In order to ensure the quality of each batch of large goods, we will have a set of the perfect quality system to control


we make sure every piece of fashion jacket is packed into poly-bag, also packed into cartons.


We will assist the nominated forwarder to handle the shipping, including the booking and documents, etc...

JUAJACKETS IS your wholesale jacket factory in China

JUAJACKETS provides a customized service for wholesale jackets & clothing manufacturing, for private label jacket clothing companies, it also provides MOQ policy to satisfy their needs, help them get top-quality jacket products at an affordable cost.

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